You don't change Urban Sprawl from one day to the next. It is about Flanders that we leave behind for our children and grandchildren in 2050. They will reap the benefits or bear the costs of the policy that we pursue today.

The social costs for infrastructure, mobility and open space are much higher outside the areas with urban characteristics. This is shown in a study conducted by the Environment Department of the Flemish government with the support of VITO into the level of urban sprawl in Flanders and the associated social costs. The cost-benefit analysis based on the Flanders Space Policy Plan already showed that business as usual is the most expensive scenario. The new figures now also show that the social costs of further fragmentation for mobility, infrastructure and open space will be very high.

The study, infographics and video can be found on (Dutch only)

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Brigitte Borgmans
Spokesperson Departement Omgeving (The Environment, Nature and Energy Department)
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