Through this strategic collaboration, significant scientific progress is expected to be made on the selected topics. This win-win collaboration will not only benefit the two parties, but also will create world level influence in the sector.

VITO and BZHB have already a long track-record and successful collaboration on material science in the past years. In view of this long-term and fruitful cooperation history between parties, in order to further strengthen the strategic cooperation and broaden the content of technical cooperation, parties have decided to carry out a more comprehensive and long-term technological cooperation in the area of material science, including but not limited to:

  1. Continue the current joint research track on applying the metal alloy foam material in the manufacture of orthopedic implants. Improve and optimize the process from lab-scale production to full industrial scale production. Improve the production efficiency and stability.
  2. Joint research on high temperature resist composite materials. This is a long-term fundamental joint research topic, including basic systematic theory establishment as well as the manufacturing technology development.
  3. Joint research and valorization on innovative functional nano-carbon material, including characterization, further mechanism validation and commercialization of this innovative functional nano-carbon material.