VITO, Cleantech Flanders and GreenVille for Belgium and the Dutch CLP team joined forces to organise the first ClimateLaunchpad Benelux Edition. 1 115 teams from across the globe are competing for access to the KIC Climate Accellerator Program.

Of the 31 Benelux teams that took up the challenge, 12 participated in the Bootcamp at GreenVille, Houthalen, Belgium and took part in the coaching sessions to prepare for the Benelux finals in Utrecht, The Netherlands. For some, a pitch on Friday 13th might not seem perfect timing, but 7 finalists faced the jury to compete for the three tickets to join the Global Finals in Edinburgh, Scotland on 1-2 November.

Four teams rightfully deserved the ClimateLaunchpad certificate for their participation (alphabetical order): 

  • Chef@home – their chefs come to your home to prepare healthy meals for a week, exclusively made from local crops & ingredients
  • JP Motorcycles – designed a low-maintenance full electric motorbike (yes the fast ones) with plenty of storage capacity for bike commuters
  • Remode – delivers sustainable flexibility and time saving to the bio-industry through 3D-printed and fully recyclable bioreactors
  • SmartGreenTec4You – delivers intelligence & technology for smarter energy use in buildings at zero-cost, on the contrary with a bonus: the energy savings payback.

These are the three winners of the ClimateLaunchpad 2018 Benelux final that will represent the Benelux in Scotland: 

  • Sponsh – their smart textile absorbs water from humid, hot air during daytime, to squeeze itself and irrigate at night, when it is cooler. Sponsh brings a zero-energy input solution for agriculture in arid coastal areas.
  • NuReCo – developed a device and a process that clears microplactics from wastewaters. The highly efficient flocculation process requires virtually no extra energy for the waste water treatment plant.
  • Coirwood – out of coconut hull powders, they produce planks that are safer and have better specs than the paraformaldehyde-containing products (MDF) currently used in buildings and furniture. We wish the three finalists all success in their race to the grand finals.

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