It will be a hot summer at the Balmatt site!

A lot of hard work has been done at the Balmatt site. In exactly 1 month the third section of the third drilling was fully completed. The drilling well has now reached a depth of 3 600 m, which corresponds to 3 110 m vertical depth because the drilling proceeded obliquely. 

After having drilled to a length of 1 415 m with a diameter of 31 cm, the necessary measurements were conducted and a steel shaft with a diameter of 24 cm was placed in the drilling well, which was stabalised by cementing it.

We are at the bottom layers of the Namurian at the moment, a few metres from the top of the Lower Carboniferous, the targeted layers. At the end of this week we will start drilling those layers.

When the forth and last section is finished, a new pump test will be conducted to test the capacity of the third drilling well.

It will be a hot summer at the Balmatt site!

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