Music festivals, homes or farms in remote and rural areas, temporary office buildings, telecom antennas, refrigeration systems for medical supplies, or emergency hospitals and schools. With a fuel consumption of 30 000 liter per year and substantial maintenance costs, diesel generators that are generally used are not the best option. Tiger Power has developed two autonomous systems that generate and store renewable energy. Offering a viable alternative to the diesel generator.


Flexible and modular power plant on solar energy

The patented Sunfold® is a pre-assembled folding structure that runs on solar energy.

  • easy to move and install
  • capableof producing 11 to 27 kilowatt hours of green energy per day
  • energy is used immediately or stored in a battery
  • no noise, no CO2
  • will last 20 years and longer

The Storager® is a long term energy storage unit, able to store 300 kilowatt hours of green energy in the form of hydrogen.

  • compact and easy to transport
  • permanent and fail-safe electrical energy
  • will last 20 years and longer
  • no noise, no CO2

Storager® can either operate in combination with existing Renewable Energy plants and/or Sunfold®, another Tiger Power Solution. Thanks to Tiger Power’s proprietary EnergyManagement System which is predictive and self-learning you can enjoy worriless 100% clean energy day and night all through the year, up to 20 years long.

The need for electricity and the availability of solar energy in Tiger Power products are balanced thanks to smart software, developed by VITO/EnergyVille.

Energy supply and demand in balance

The aim is for the system to use as much solar energy as possible:

  • by using it directly
  • storing the energy in the battery
  • or converting it into hydrogen

It is not possible to convert all the power generated into hydrogen at one time. You have to make sure that part of the excess solar energy is used to produce hydrogen and the rest can recharge the battery.

VITO/EnergyVille has developed smart mathematical algorithms to enable these optimisations:

  • the various devices must interact in an optimal way and anticipate weather conditions.
  • the system also knows the consumption pattern and takes peak periods into account.  

VITO/EnergyVille developed and programmed the interfaces for the PV system, the battery, the fuel cell and the electrolysis units.”

We've been able to make a genuine knowledge leap thanks to the successful roll out of our Energy Management System. Without VITO/EnergyVille we would never have taken this leap. And without VLAIO we would not have been able to work with VITO/EnergyVille.

Chris Prengels
CEO, Tiger Power