With the Smart Readiness Indicator, the European Commission commits to Smart Buildings. EnergyVille/VITO supplied vital studies for the development of the Indicator.

Smart Buildings aren't just an empty marketing term. Integrating smart technologies in buildings can be a very effective way of getting us towards healthier and more comfortable buildings. It can also help to reduce the energy consumption and the CO2 emission. These technologies will be essential to integrate buildings in future energy systems with a high demand for renewable energy.

That is why the European Commission has launched the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI), a method to determine how smart buildings are and whether or to what extent they're ready to interact with their users and their connected energy grids. EnergyVille/VITO coordinated two technical studies for the European Commission, which developed the SRI. More than 800 national and international stakeholders were closely involved with these studies. The first building that was used for testing the SRI, was the EnergyVille 1 building, whiched scored very well at 77%. In the meantime, the method has been tested on no less than 100 other buildings and Europe is getting ready to vote on legislation, officially letting the SRI come into effect.


Curious to find out more? The European Commission has recently shared the final rapport from EnergyVille/VITO about the Indicator on its website. You can still find the article below.

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