Together with cities and municipalities we're working towards a sustainable future. Also interested in getting more insight in the current state of the buildings in your city or municipality? Or do you want to visualize collective rennovation opportunities and roll out targeted renovation actions? Discover how the City Portal Platform can support your renovation policy.

Energy transition

Cities and municipalities have a crucial role to play in the energy transition. After all a substantial part of our energy use goes to the urban environment. With "zet je woning op de kaart", an online questionnaire, citizens can discover free of charge how sustainable their home is. The data generated, are gathered and managed in the City Portal Platform of EnergyVille and VITO, an interactive platform, particularly interesting to implement the renovation policy of your municipality and visualize opportunities for collective renovations. Furthermore, the City Portal platform is offered free of charge by Fluvius, now known as Eandis and Infrax, to cities and municipalities.

Plan, implement and monitor renovation actions

How does it work? The data collection goes via the website ‘zetjewoningopdekaart’. Citizens fill in a short questionnaire about their home and discover in four simple steps whether or not their energy use is above average or not. The data is collected in the City Portal Platform which is offered free of charge to cities and municipalities.

What does the City Portal Platform have to offer for cities and municipalities?

  • The platform provides a better insight into the renovation potential of the building in your city or municipality. This can both be done on the level of individual houses as on static sectors or districts.
  • Insight is given in the state of the buildings in the city or municipality: both residential, commercial or mixed use.
  • By means of the tool specific interests in improvement measures can be visualized. Who is interested in which renovation? Where do they live? Can these renovations be bundled? By using handy filers it can for example be shown who is interested in rooftop insulation. This way specific group purchases can be organised.
  • In the future it will also become possible to use the tool to monitor the renovation actions performed.

Accessible for everyone

Fluvius (Eandis and Infrax) offers the platform free of charge to cities and municipalities. Are you interested in visualizing the renovation potential of your city or municipality? Then start by adding the free webform Zet je woning op de kaart (only available in Dutch) to your website. The data collected will be offered to you free of charge.

Need some extra help with the implementation? Contact or An expert will show you how the webform can put on your website an where you can find the data available. Everything will be taken care of for you, even the privacy and security of all data. 

More info

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