A unique concept to transform new ideas into business opportunities in 6 months time

From idea to business opportunity in 6 months

Growing an idea into a realisation is one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs, both for start-ups and for established businesses. Developing an idea into a valiant technology, with the right partner(s) and necessary funding requires expertise, that does not always belong to the core business of a company or the training of a starter. For this reason, in 2016, VITO launched the unique concept of co-creation, to realise this for others in a tight 6-month schedule. Remote sensing, sensor networks and air quality and organic waste streams, have already been addressed. Recently, the co-creation programme water-wise society was launched, and in September, you are still welcome to join the start of co-creation programme on digital heating networks. For more info, please visit co-creatie.vito.be

The principles of the co-creation programmes include inspiration for new business models that optimise business processes, the strengthening of the competitive position and the facilitation of new types of services. Sharing technological knowledge and innovative market insights between complementary participants is important here. In addition, VITO guarantees a maximum return on investment, since the co-creation programme requires minimal time investment. VITO also invests 240 research hours of VITO experts to test the technological and financial feasibility of the ideas.

Intelligence in water networks

On 25 April, the programme on intelligence in water networks was launched. For this, VITO is joining forces with relevant partners from the sector such as DSP Valley, IoTBE, Vlakwa and Agropolis. These partners play an important role in the search for  participating companies and the representation of potential end users of the ideas. In this co-creation programme, VITO unites complementary participants to explore intelligent upgrades and business opportunities within the water networks. For this, VITO makes its expertise available in the construction and management of monitoring systems, the processing and visualization of big data, water management on residential and industrial sites, the introduction of adaptive measures (nature based solutions) and the modeling of the quantity and quality of (ground) water streams. 

Digital heat networks

In this co-creation process, starting 21 September, together with the participating companies, we will explore ways to prepare Flanders for smart heat networks and an Internet of Thermal Things. Supporting partners for this programme include EnergyVille, Incubathor, POM East Flanders and DSP Valley. Here too, VITO/EnergyVille puts in place its expertise and infrastructure: processes for smart heating, business case calculation and scenario analysis, smart heat networks control platforms, data capture, analysis and visualization, building models, energy systems, thermal storage and heat networks and testing and validating new heating network solutions in labs.

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