Like our society, VITO is also at a tipping point. The 2024-2028 management agreement, which will soon be signed, clearly indicates the direction VITO will take in the coming years. The strong foundations laid in recent years provide a solid basis to further harness our expertise. Through further growth, we will maximise our impact.

Inge Neven, CEO of VITO, explains: "The DNA of VITO is research and innovation in sustainability, based on a profound understanding of the human and their environment, combined with technological insights and digital applications. With this unique expertise, we work as a preferred innovation partner for businesses and governments towards a positive sustainable future vision and concrete solutions. Positive transition thinking, systemic innovation and collaboration are central to our approach. In this way, we contribute to a stronger competitive position of Flanders in Europe, Europe in the world, and to the global sustainability transition. We approach this with inclusivity: we involve everyone in this sustainability transition, creating maximum impact."

Impact in three domains

1. An economy based on sustainable use of raw materials (materials, chemical processes, water and energy).

2. Innovative solutions that counteract further global warming and, in the meantime, assist in dealing with the impacts of climate change and responding resiliently to crises.

3. Ensuring affordable and accessible sustainable solutions in a healthy living environment for every citizen.

Technology Platforms, Cross-Cutting Operations, and Transition Thinking

To increase our impact in these domains, VITO will focus on the following established key points:

  • We focus on and further invest in our unique technology platforms, such as 3D printing, electrochemistry and data technology. In doing so, we create unique technology and evolve towards larger pilot projects, demonstration areas and living labs, from state-of-the-art laboratories.
  • We adopt a cross-cutting approach to share best practices, find synergies, and maximise the potential for systemic innovation. Examples include the development of new energy storage applications, storage, and use of CO2.
  • We strengthen and expand our expertise in data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence, creating a leverage point between sectors and geographical dimensions at micro, meso, and macro levels.
  • We adopt a transition mindset, envisioning what a sustainable society might look like in 2050 and mapping out pathways that lead us to that goal. In doing so, we strengthen our science-based communication to all stakeholders. We emphasise our coordinating position in Flemish and European forums, including through G-STIC and UN activities on the international stage, and we strengthen collaboration with other knowledge centers and Strategic Research Centres within EnergyVille and Capture.
  • VITO is positioned as a sustainability brand both internally and externally, serving as a magnet for (inter)national talent with room for growth. We continue to develop attractive and sustainable campuses that are bursting with innovative ideas and entrepreneurship.

New management team

To achieve this, an internal adjustment of structures and personnel is necessary. From 1 January 2024 a renewed management committee will take the lead at VITO, supported by strong teams throughout the organisation. This management committee consists of six members: Inge Neven (CEO), Walter Eevers (R&D and Valorisation), Bert Bouwman (Materials & Chemistry), Leen Govaerts (Water & Energy Transition), Rudi Torfs (Environmental Intelligence), and Carmen Six (Finance & Operations). Deputy CEO Roger Dijkmans, who will retire in 2024, will be assisted by his successor Peter Vercaemst from 1 January. The new organisational chart still has a number of vacancies. Both internal and external candidates can submit their applications until 15 January 2024.

Valorisation Director Materials & Chemistry

Research Program Director Materials & Chemistry 

Strategic Marketing Communication Manager

Valorisation Director Water & Energy Transition