How can we consume and produce sustainably? And how can we make young people aware of the urgency of sustainability? The EDUbox is an educational and interactive concept by VRT NWS to introduce young people to specific social themes. For 'Sustainability: making it for the future' VITO also shared its expertise with the EDUbox.

How can we improve the production process to reduce the impact on the environment and the climate? What can we do to contribute to a sustainable economy? Young people are working very hard on a 'better' world. Sustainability is an integral part of this.

In order to be truly sustainable, we need to look at the circular economy. In the circular economy, materials, raw materials and residual flows are reused as much as possible to reduce the impact on the environment and to avoid depleting the planet.

However, this means that the entire life cycle of a product - from the extraction of raw materials, production to recycling or reuse of the product - has to be taken into account.

VITO is an expert in this. Precisely for this reason, VRT NWS asked us to help guide this EDUbox.

This EDUbox is intended for students in secondary education. It is a ready-made teaching package with text, audiovisual material, a self-test and a simulator. Teachers receive a mix of didactic tools to discuss the topic of sustainability in the classroom. EDUbox can be used in the classroom as well as at home. There is a downloadable PDF and an interactive web version, ideal for group work in class. In addition, there is an interactive video lesson as an individual learning tool that students can use at home. For teachers there is a manual on the medium channel of EDUbox. 

In the educational video, An Vercalsteren (VITO) explains how companies can take the necessary steps towards a more sustainable product.

The EDUbox on sustainability was created in cooperation with VITO, imec, Brightlab, Vlaanderen Circulair and OVAM. This is not the first time VRT NWS has launched something like this. EDUboxes have already been created on other social themes such as mobility, social media, pandemics, etc.

Or do you want to hear what our researcher An has to say? Watch the interactive video. (29')

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