MoU Signing Ceremony between Thailand Research Fund and VITO to strengthen commitment towards the Circular Economy.

VITO, the Flemish institute for Technological Research and The Thailand Research Fund (TRF) signed a memorandum of understanding at the residence of the Thai Ambassador in Brussels. Both organisations have committed themselves to develop research and education activities and to exchange technological knowledge. The collaboration will mainly focus on collaborative activities related to waste and material management, bio-based materials, renewable energy and circular economy.

VITO is a leading international research and service centre (primary location in Belgium/Europe, with branches in China & Middle East). It provides knowledge and technological innovations that facilitate the transition to a more sustainable society. It does this in the field of energy, chemistry, materials, health technology and land use. VITO unites different parties in a sustainable value chain. By cooperation, expansion and development of expertise it can make smarter use of existing sustainable solutions and develops new technologies.

The Thailand Research Fund supports at both local and national levels the creation of a knowledge-base to help tackle societal problems. TRF’s main role is to assist in the development of researchers and research-based knowledge through making research grants and assisting with research management.

To meet the challenges caused by an increased demand for sustainably sourced raw materials, limited natural resources and climate change, a shift towards the circular economy is becoming more crucial than ever. 

TRF will act as bridging partner between VITO and local organisations, both governmental and private ones. TRF will financially support selected collaborative projects which aim to implement and develop technology related to Circular Economy.