Thirty days of healthier, tastier and more ecological eating. That is the VeggieChallenge, which stimulates and encourages people to try out a more plant-based diet for a month. On the initiative of its own employees, VITO as an organisation is participating in this campaign for the third time.

OnePlanet@VITO meets VeggieChallenge

By now, the VeggieChallenge is no longer an unknown event. For several years now, this initiative of ProVeg (until recently EVA vzw) has been encouraging people to spend a month tasting a different diet in which there is more room for plant-based food. Good for our health and planet, and very tasty too.  

The fact that VITO is now participating in the VeggieChallenge for the third time is thanks to a series of committed employees. In 2021, EVA vzw made an appeal for companies to join the VeggieChallenge, whereas before the focus had only been on individuals. Some employees then proposed this initiative to the OnePlanet@VITO team, where it was received with great enthusiasm. These employees take care of the practical implementation, such as an informative lunch talk, a potluck, sharing recipes, vegetarian sandwiches during lunch meetings during the VeggieChallenge, ... 

OnePlanet@VITO is an organisation-wide project that is part of our core value 'sustainability' and encourages VITO employees to propose and implement their own sustainable initiative. The project consists of their ideas and solutions. There is therefore a great intrinsic motivation among our people to make not only Flanders or the world, but also their workplace, more sustainable. The VeggieChallenge is thus one of the many sustainable initiatives realised by employees.

More than just a challenge

The aim of the VeggieChallenge is to inspire people and introduce them to plant-based food in an approachable way. It is also the ideal opportunity to engage in more conscious eating: who makes our food, where does it come from, what can you pay attention to...? At VITO, we therefore not only ask employees to take part in the VeggieChallenge, but also ensure that inspiring and tasty events and actions are planned throughout March. Some of the activities we have planned: 

  • We will start the VeggieChallenge at VITO with a food truck that will let us taste delicious veggie and vegan dishes. 
  • Employees will receive a recipe booklet as inspiration to serve tasty veggie and vegan recipes in March. 
  • During an informative webinar, we will explore together the environmental impact of different dietary patterns. 
  • During a real Veggie Food Tour, we will walk through the heart of Antwerp from bite to bite... 
  • Development of an online community to exchange experiences and tips to motivate each other.  

In addition, in March only vegetarian sandwiches will be offered during lunch meetings and the cafeteria will pay extra attention to the standard vegetarian offer.

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