VITO plays a pioneering role in the field of data management. This was clearly highlighted in the second episode of 'Privacy and Me', a programme by Tim Verheyden on VRT.

We are not always aware of it, but data is the common thread in our digital lives. We constantly provide data about ourselves and rarely do we know what happens to that data. Through SOLID technology (Social Linked Data), the control returns to the owner of that data. We ourselves will decide who does what with our data. Flanders is the ideal testing ground to put this technology on the map. How do we regain control of our own data? VITO is a pioneer in this with its 'We Are' project.

We Are

We Are' is in full development. A conscious choice was made to focus on health data with 'We Are Health': after all, our most sensitive data deserve the best protection and our total control. This is why, from the very beginning, VITO worked together with all the major players in healthcare: doctors (Domus Medica), hospitals (Zorgnet/Icuro), the Flemish Patients Platform and the King Baudouin Foundation. With these partners, VITO is building a system to give citizens ownership of their own data and to give them a say in decisions about what happens to their data. It must give them the guarantee that they can share their data in a safe way. 'We Are' is based on 'caring technology'. Those who follow the eight principles of this approach guarantee an honest, ethical and responsible way of using technology. Read more about 'We Are'.


We Are' is still in full development and yet a first step has already been taken with BIBOPP, a prevention platform for citizens, which is being developed together with Domus Medica and LiCalab. BIBOPP is a project with health apps for citizens with which they can take control of their own health and their health data. BIBOPP will soon be rolled out in the Kempen region.

Privacy and me

Tim Verheyden denounced the problem of how our data is handled today in the two-part episode of Privacy & Me. The pioneering role of VITO is clearly highlighted. Watch the episode online (Dutch only).

BIBOPP is funded by the Interreg2Sees programme 'Empowercare' and the Vlaio Corona Coock channel.

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