Ramses is a full stack developer at VITO. The turbulent corona period did not make him hesitate to change jobs, as he joined VITO almost 2 years ago. What convinced him? The challenge and a pleasant conversation with his future manager in which technology was central.

IT professionals are an important link in the success of research projects. In 'Make IT happen' we let our IT experts talk about their job at VITO.

A first interview for 'Make IT happen', with Ramses Nys. Arnout Standaert, IT expert at VITO's Data Science Hub, introduced himself earlier.

Google Maps, but then cooler

My work always starts with a question from a customer. This is usually about a certain application that they want to develop, often linked to a kind of Google Maps containing layers of information. It is my job to analyse this and translate it into a visually attractive and user-friendly tool. In very simple terms, I throw codes together to achieve a result. Currently, I am working on a project for the Flemish Government. We are making a tool that allows them to enter emissions and link standards to them to see if certain values are exceeded. They can then check this with emission points and measurement points all over Flanders.

Magic with technology

Of course, I don't conjure up these codes just like that. You first have to think carefully about the way you want to programme and communicate clearly so that everyone's expectations are on the same wavelength. But you also have to think carefully about the visual aspect, because ultimately, that is what the user sees. And the extra challenge sometimes lies in the budget, or rather its limits. You sometimes have to be creative with that. But these challenges make my inner nerd very happy. Even at home, I can't hide it. I have a server and that's how I get some work done at home too. What's on the agenda right now? Automating my shutters.

The synergy of technology and sustainability

We do a lot of cool, high-tech projects at VITO. We could do with a bit more of that. I also try to keep up to date by reading a lot of articles. If something I read rings a bell, because we could use it, there is always room for consultation to integrate and evaluate it.
But it goes beyond working with state-of-the-art technology, because we also work on sustainable projects. In this way, we are trying to improve the world little by little and that is a very beautiful and noble goal. This social added value makes me very proud to work at VITO. 

Interested in an IT job at VITO?

Today, we have around 100 colleagues fulfilling a diverse range of IT roles across our business units and the central IT department. IT capabilities are of vital importance to our research projects. As part of a multidisciplinary project team, you will have responsibility for all IT aspects within our research projects.

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