Between 15 and 18 April 2024, the world’s leading event for circular economy thinkers, doers and leaders hits Brussels – showcasing the most impactful circular solutions from around the world.

Our VITO experts are joining five different sessions: one on 15 April as part of the WCEF Main Event, and four as part of the Belgian Accelerator Day – the full-day programme taking place on 17 April, curated by the team of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

WCEF MAIN EVENT | 15 April 2024 – Brussels & online

Accelerating Circularity from a Sufficiency Perspective

The built environment is one of the sectors with the highest circularity potential, but current circular strategies focus mainly on the applicable R-strategies (e.g. recycling and reuse). On 15 April, this workshop will therefore be applying sufficiency on different circular solutions in the construction industry, aiming at the lesser applied R-strategies (e.g. refuse and reduce).

Centred around case studies from the Circular Buildings Coalition and the VITO/EnergyVille-coordinated H2020 DRASTIC project*, our VITO/EnergyVille colleagues Joana dos Santos Gonçalves and Michiel Ritzen will be amongst those moderators actively involving participants to come to systemic innovations.

NOTE: Attendance of the WCEF Main Event in person is by invitation only. To enable participation from around the world, however, the WCEF Main Event will be live-streamed online – open to all and free of charge!

*Did you know… ?

Did you know DRASTIC – a European project that falls under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programme – is a joint effort by 23 partners from 8 European countries, with VITO/EnergyVille functioning as both project and technical coordinator?

The project will pave the way for significant whole life-cycle environmental impact reduction in new construction and (deep-energy) retrofit by demonstrating affordable innovative circular solutions in 5 different geographical zones in Europe.

BELGIAN ACCELERATOR DAY | 17 April 2024 – The Square Brussels

Embracing Circular Manufacturing: Adopting Repair Solutions

This co-creative session will cover policies, business models, technology, skills and design for repair as fundamental transition paths.

As part of the session, our colleague Yoko Dams will deliver the practical testimonial Activating Citizens through Technology.


Information Flows in a Circular Economy: Monitoring, Metrics and Digital Evolution

This session will highlight case studies about CE monitoring at country/regional level, at the city level, circularity assessments for companies, developments of digital product passports and more.

Our colleague An Vercalsteren will address the matter of a Circularity Metrics Lab on Panel 1, while colleague Bart Dooms will talk about Artificial Intelligence to stimulate Circular Economy on Panel 2.


Challenges and Opportunities of the European Circular Economy Battery Industry

This session will provide an in-depth exploration of the latest European advancements in circular battery technology.

As part of the panel discussion, our colleague Daniele Costa will be contributing on the topic of Life Cycle Assessment Research for Circular Batteries.


Towards a Circular Built Environment using Bio-Based and Reclaimed Materials

This session will take construction professionals through the learnings of European projects to demonstrate how circular construction can become the new normal.

Our colleague Michiel Ritzen will be moderating the panel on Reuse, Reduce and Bio-Based Construction Materials.