Flanders is among the regions in Europe with the highest water stress. The situation also poses a threat to our economy. That is why the SmartWaterUse project is mapping the water risks and looking for solutions for the sectors of (sea)food, aquaculture, textile and tourism. The project includes a WaterBarometer tool that offers businesses detailed insights in their water management and drought related risks and maps the available, alternative water sources in their vicinity

SmartWaterUse project

The business world is starting to realise the gravity of the situation, but is still looking for solutions for the precarious water availability in Flanders. A VOKA survey shows that although 70% of companies fear water shortages, 90% do not yet have an emergency plan. Moreover, 80% cannot switch to an alternative water source and 81% sees no ways to to reduce their water use temporarily. The SmartWaterUse project therefore comes none too soon.


An important part of the project is the WaterBarometer. This tool, a development with VITO in the lead, provides companies with deeper insights into their water management. An extensive water balance with all water flows and related costs is visually presented and the WaterBarometer also suggests targeted optimisation actions. In addition the online tool offers businesses a map with alternative, sustainable water sources in the vicinity. For each of these water sources, a suitable treatment is also presented.

The SmartWaterUse project also plans other activities such as a series of demonstration workshops presenting the possibilities of monitoring and data processing. The project also plans to give a good overview of the applicable legislation for the available alternative water sources.


Project SmartWaterUse is a COOCK project with the support of VLAIO.

Project partners: De Blauwe Cluster, Fevia, Flanders' FOOD, Watercircle.be, Centexbel, University of Ghent, Vlakwa and VITO


Coordinator SmartWaterUse: Bianca Lefevere (Bianca.Lefevere@flandersfood.com)

VITO contact SmartWaterUse: Sofie Van Ermen (sofie.vanermen@vito.be)

+32 14 33 69 10