ResourCity app combines fun and education and brings materials in Oud-Turnhout to life in a unique way.

After Mol, Antwerp, Mechelen, the Dutch town Oss and Herentals, Oud-Turnhout also has its own city game. ResourCity is an interactive app developed by the Flemish research organisation VITO that aims to get young people interested in science, technology, chemistry and circular economics in a playful way. That this app will be presented in Oud-Turnhout on Sunday 22 November, Science Day, is therefore obvious.

How does ResourCity work?

The app will allow participants - and there is no age limit on this game - to 'catch' chemical elements in the style of Pokémon Go. They'll also get some fun (historical) facts and they'll be able to connect that element to other elements in order to build molecules.

The environment we live in every day is full of chemical building blocks, from carbon to oxygen, gold, cobalt to platinum. Some chemical elements can simply be found in the air you breathe, others in all kinds of products and buildings. Every municipality is a ResourCity, an urban mine or municipality mine full of resources or materials. The ResourCity app makes some of these resources visible using augmented reality technology.

More than chemistry

ResourCity is not only a fun learning tool that teaches students everything about chemistry, technology and sustainable development and the history of the municipality. The app also allows residents and tourists to discover Oud-Turnhout by searching for chemical elements and the original and historical facts associated with it. And since the game is played in the open air, it is also completely corona-proof.

Play ResourCity in Oud-Turnhout and win a free Hidrodoe ticket

Download the app for free on your smartphone and search for the 80 hidden chemical elements on the territory of Oud-Turnhout. The hours of fun and instructive exercise are simply added to it. The first 50 players to finish the game win a free entrance ticket to Hidrodoe.

For example, what is Tin (Sn) doing in the front garden of the Hofke of Chantraine, discover the link between Platinum(Pt) and OC De Djoelen, what do bees have to do with iron (Fe), search and find the link between Chrome (Cr) and the beers of Brewery Het Nest. Let the app take you to familiar and less familiar places, and find out why Oud-Turnhout is a real source of treasures!

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ResourCity is an initiative of Toerisme Oud-Turnhout, gemeente Oud-Turnhout and VITO ith the valued support of Provincie Antwerpen and Hidrodoe.

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