The expertise and excellent reputation of VITO employees goes far beyond national borders. In this case, Karl Vrancken, VITO's research leader in sustainable materials management, was invited by the renowned Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy to join the International Academic Advisory Board (IAB).

The Wuppertal Institute is no stranger to VITO. As a partner, the research institute works with VITO in ECERA (European Circular Economy Research Aliance) and the European Topic Centre for Waste and Materials in a Green Economy of the EEA (European Environment Agency), among others.

The Wuppertal Institute particularly appreciates Karl Vranken for his knowledge of the circular economy, his good reputation and his international expertise. The International Academic Advisory Board is responsible for the institute's independent research and scientific excellence. Its main objective is to advise the institute on the progress of the research programme, the scientific work and the scientific developments. It has a central advisory role in dialogue with the management board and scientists.

Karl will be part of the International Academic Advisory Board with 13 other top international experts, such as the British environmental economist and professor of sustainable development, Tim Jackson, and Indian professor Leena Srivastava, Director of the TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) in New Delhi.

The meeting of the IAB will take place today and tomorrow, 7 and 8 October in Wuppertal.

Karl Vrancken
+32 14 33 52 78