Cropsys® supports sustainable use of plant protection products by offering tools and advice for mitigating the impact of plant protection products on the environment. 

We offer a wide variety of services including: design of monitoring strategies and setting up of monitoring equipment in the field, spatial analysis and modelling to identify risk areas, modelling for risk assessment and developing web tools to aid in visualizing monitoring concentrations in a spatial context.

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The WaterProtect tool is a web tool for geospatial analysis of plant protection products in groundwater and surface water.

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VITO - WaterProtect

Environmental Stewardship

The Cropsys team designs field monitoring strategies and installs monitoring equipment to assess the concentrations of plant protection products in surface water and groundwater.

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VITO - Environmental Stewardship

Groundwater modelling

Risk assessments of plant protection products leaching to groundwater greatly benefits from having a groundwater-depth tool. It enables each farmer to see whether his/her fields are in vulnerable zones for the leaching of plant protection products to groundwater.

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The Cropsys team helped to develop the PERSAM (Persistance in Soil Analytical Model) tool for  the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to predict environmental concentrations of plant protection products in soils, in accordance with the guidelines from the experts of the EFSA Pesticide Panel.

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