Due to climate change and urban expansion, cities are facing increasing risks for pluvial and fluvial flooding, causing human and material damages. Flood risk modelling and economic assessments enable city administrations and water managers to come up with longterm strategies to reduce future impacts.

How to deal with sudden heavy rainfall and the potential risks of flooding? Where does the rainwater fall and how should you assess local flood risks and define actions to minimize the damage? The Flood4Cast tool uses a smart algorithm that allows a Real Time Forecast (RTF) where and when flooding may occur during sudden heavy rainfall events.

  • Flood risk mapping & modelling (Urbflood)
  • Climate adaptative solutions
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Citizen engagement

Your benefits

  • Understanding the drivers and consequences of floods
  • scenario analysis on prevention and adaptation measures

For Flemish Administration for Infrastructure and Public Works, cities and local governments, Worldbank