OPAQ is an affordable, reliable, operational air quality prediction system enabling regions and cities to provide near real time air quality information and adequately warn their citizens of high pollution episodes.

Key applications

Air quality forecasting and generation of the Air Quality Index (AQI) for public communication
Mapping air pollution in near real-time using observations
Improving the value of a low cost air quality sensor network and mapping the air pollution
Reliable air quality data for inclusion in a Smart City or IoT platform/application
Identification of air pollution hotspots and high pollution episodes

Important features

  • Requires limited input and computational power
  • Based upon more than 15 years of scientific experience in operational air quality mapping and forecasting
  • Complements chemical transport model based forecasting systems by improving the performance of the predictions
  • Has a long track record in the EU and is operational in 35 cities across China
  • Has a modular software architecture, well-suited for integration into Smart City platforms
VITO - OPAQ: Operational Prediction of Air Quality
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