We have developed innovative plasma technology to permanently modify the surface of materials at normal atmospheric pressure. The desired surface properties are obtained by a range of plasma coating systems.

Your challenges

You are looking for ways to enhance your products with improved properties.
You want to make your production process more energy efficient and thus more sustainable.
You are aiming to manufacture your products at reduced cost.

How we can help

  • Our atmospheric plasma treatments are customised for each individual project. Based on your requirements, we produce a set of test products with the desired qualities.
  • Our technology has a vast range of applications: e.g., improving gluing / adhesion methods; coating layers with anti-bacterial properties; increasing or decreassing friction.
  • We work closely with our spin-off, the Molecular Plasma Group, to offer you access to the required plasma treatment equipment you need to realise your objectives.

How does our plasma technology work

Plasma is often referred to as the fourth state of matter besides gas, liquid and solid. It is created when an electric current is transmitted across a dielectric fluid or gas containing highly energetic species such as ions, electrons and radicals.

At VITO, we specialise in atmospheric plasma systems operating in an open reactor because of the advantages it offers; compared to low pressure plasma technology, inline treatment integration is strongly facilitated in our atmospheric plasma processes.

By using atmospheric plasma treatments, the coated materials acquire the desired chemical and physical (surface) properties. Due to the low temperatures involved, and the absence of solvents, the process is very environmentally friendly. 

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