By making use of new and existing 3D printing technologies and granulation technologies (such as droplet coagulation and aerodynamically assisted jetting), we produce tailor-made macro and microstructures of supports, with active sorption material distribution.

Your challenges

You want to be able to develop tailor-made sorption systems.
You are looking for new materials with which to develop sorbents.
You want to improve the manufacturing technique and design process for the sorption bed.

How we can help

Advice about suitable materials for sorption packed beds.
Development of controlled design processes, both for standard parts (supports and active materials) in series production and for unique components.

Why design hierarchically structured sorption materials?

The biggest advantage of our design techniques for sorption structures is that they manage to combine a wide variety of properties in a new material: improved mass and heat transfer, diffusion, stability and rigidity.

Business development
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