Air pollution and climate change are serious threats to our health and our environment. VITO supports governments, industry and the private sector in making decisions to become climate resilient and to improve air quality. VITO provides services, decision support instruments, risk analyzes and models so that our customers can take the best informed decisions to proceed to actions.

The climate team at VITO aims to support governments and private sector organizations in becoming climate resilient. We do this by providing risk analysis and adaptation option information based on the most accurate climate information. Together with our clients we develop interactive climate services from local to global scales. Our proprietary urban climate model (“UrbClim”) is used in many of our projects.

Air pollution is still a serious threat to the health of millions of citizens worldwide, particularly to those living in high density urban agglomerations. Tackling the problem requires assessment and decision support tools that can identify air pollution sources down to street level and enable authorities to make the best informed decisions when preparing action plans.  VITO’s ATMOSYS services support regional and local authorities, industry and private companies in managing their air quality and effectively implementing air quality action plans.

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