VITO/EnergyVille studies the economic, technological and behavioural aspects of the current and future energy system, and provides advice on developments in the short and long term. We monitor the supply and demand of energy, carry out assessments and provide businesses and decision-makers at local, regional and European level with advice in the area of energy efficiency, renewable energy and flexibility.

The most important reference for energy data in Flanders is the annual energy balance that VITO/EnergyVille publishes for the Flemish region, which includes an inventory of renewable energy and cogeneration (CHP).

In order to deliver the energy transition in a sustainable manner, businesses and decision-makers must come to informed choices. VITO/EnergyVille develops optimisation and simulation models that assist you by underpinning choices and scenarios with accurate insights into the potential, costs and impact of new technologies.

Now that the use of renewable energy sources within our electricity network is on the increase, there is a growing demand for new technologies and processes that enable those energy sources to be integrated within the existing model. Interoperability forms a crucial challenge with regard to the energy market of tomorrow.