VITO/EnergyVille is an expert in providing a suitable interface between electricity storage units and their associated systems. The purpose of the hardware and software components involved is to make energy consumption within those systems more efficient, more flexible and more cost effective.

Our battery lab has a unique infrastructure to accelerate the development of new battery chemistry and designs. Discover here the ways we can collaborate with you.

VITO/EnergyVille has proven expertise in testing and assessing batteries, from cell through module to package level. We not only work with standard test procedures, but also develop and perform application-specific tests ourselves, which provide even more information about the actual service life and performance of the storage element. Our involvement in various research projects means that we also keep track of promising new technologies in addition to existing technologies. This knowledge makes VITO/EnergyVille your perfect partner for making the right choice regarding battery technology and its dimensioning. This guarantees that you make the right investment in your chosen application.

VITO/EnergyVille is building interfaces between storage units and the system they form part of. These interfaces are the hardware and software components of battery management systems that safeguard efficient, flexible, secure and cost-effective integration of the storage units. These battery management systems are developed in a technology-independent manner using various topologies, so that the necessary flexibility can be provided depending on the application. VITO/EnergyVille also provides tools that are compatible with energy management systems and ensure that the right control strategy is chosen at any time depending on the ultimate objective and the exact status of the storage unit.