VITO has the knowledge and the unique infrastructure that allows to generate precise and stable, dry or humid, test gas atmospheres.  All generated gas flows are controlled by means of Mass Flow Controllers (MFC) which are calibrated against primary standards. Different VOC’s  are  generated in clean air or nitrogen using a capillary dosage system. The generation of inorganic gases is executed by using certified gas bottles or pure liquids. The gas generation platform is the core technology of the Round Robin tests organized every year by VITO, under Belac Accreditation.

Our services

  • Round robin tests under Belac accreditation
  • Lab testing of gas sensors and monitors with (mixtures of) gases from ppm to ppb levels  under controlled circumstances
  • Evaluation of the absortion capacity of building materials
  • Organic gases, anorganic gases, NO2, NH3, CO, CO2, O3, VOCs, HCl, HF, Hg, …
  • Evaluation of sensitivity, cross-sensitivity, detection limit, repeatability, dynamic range
  • Evaluation of impact of temperature (-10°C – 50°C) and humidity (20 – 80 % RH)
  • Comparison of performance to reference measuring devices in field tests in indoor and outdoor environments