In the recent years, VITO has made a significant progress in valorization and commercialization in China. Following are some projects examples that VITO has concluded in recent years, either directly, or through its subsidiary VITOAsia/LIBOVITO.

As VITO wants to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world, we work in India, where fast transitions are taking place and where we can have an impact. We have undertaken research projects in collaboration with India since 2007, starting with bio-economy and green chemistry. We also provide services related to air quality, waste water and organic waste treatment, smart cities, CO2 conversion, river basin management and capacity building on sustainable development practices.

As Middle East countries look to stimulate innovation, support entrepreneurship and shift towards knowledge-based economies, they are very much aware of the need for sustainable societies. From sustainable energy and water to climate change, air quality and circular economy, VITO’s research agenda focuses on helping governments and companies to initiate societal transitions. VITO’s core competences match investment needs in crucial sectors such as energy, water, food security and health. With offices in Qatar and in the United Arab Emiratas, VITO is now helping many Gulf companies of all sizes and sectors to innovate, optimize and re-evaluate – and to develop more sustainable ways of working.

From climate change and food security to sustainable energy and resource scarcity, VITO’s research agenda focuses on helping governments and companies around the world to initiate societal transitions.