Air pollution and climate change are serious threats to our health and our environment. VITO supports governments, industry and the private sector in making decisions to become climate resilient and to improve air quality.

Covering Antwerp's ring road is a historic opportunity. In 2018, government consultant and curator Alexander D’Hooghe and his team completed the design of 18 capping and quality of life projects in 2018.VITO’s researchers  provided advice on the potential impact of each design on the air quality.

More than 70 000 premature deaths each year across the EU-28 are attributable to NO2 exposure.  To accurately measure these health impacts at an EU-wide level a new modelling methodology was required was required, QUARK. A modelling approach developed by VITO for fast urban air quality scenario assessments.

airQmap is a powerful platform that allows people with limited or no air pollution expertise, such as city personnel or volunteers, to carry out air quality measurements and to get a detailed view on the air quality at street level. This approach allows for the production of air quality maps at a feasible cost for cities and municipalities.