Would you like to use your products, company strategy and processes to make sustainable development, cleantech, the circular economy, etc. a reality? Get in touch with us. We have the expertise, experience and analytical methods available to carry out scientifically sound sustainability evaluations, providing you with insight into how you can take smart steps towards sustainable value creation. You can also contact us for advice on the circular economy. In a circular economy, companies create value in a way that is more sustainable than in a linear economy. This requires an innovative approach to business models. We help you gain greater insight into the mechanisms of a circular economy, inspire you with successful examples and assist you in devising a circular business model for your products and services.

Your challenges

Producing goods in a more material efficient manner
Convincing investors that your product is a sustainable investment, both economically and ecologically.
Gaining a clear view of the current environmental impact and the hot spots in the lifecycle of your products.
Gaining a better understanding of what circular business models are and what they can mean for your company.
Developing a circular business model for your company.

How we can help you

Providing a scientifically calculated picture of the environmental impact of your products and processes according to the applicable standards (LCA ISO 14040/14044, etc.)
Researching the valorisation options for waste streams, recycling and alternative raw materials.
Informing you of how the circular economy works and inspiring you with successful examples.
Providing insight into the added financial and social value of a more circular business model.
Helping realise your circular business model by supporting you and putting you in contact with the right partners.

Start working on it yourself

  • Go to www.circulator.eu and develop your own circular business model aided by examples and case studies.
  • Discover the possibilities the circular economy can offer your company with our serious game ‘Risk & Race’. More information.

VITO analyzed the existing business model of CHG-MERIDIAN, and validated a greener business concept for ICT, called "Circular IT Solutions" (CITS).CITS helps every stakeholder to contributing to their Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR), embracing Circular Economy, through activating idle IT-equipment, extending the usage of equipment, and preserving our Environment and Planet's raw materials in a fully traceable way.

Virginie Versavel
Account Manager Healthcare - CHG-MERIDIAN

With their complementary knowledge and expertise Möbius and VITO thoroughly introduced us to the circular economy. Thanks to their open approach and their coaching attitude we managed to further develop existing ideas and open up new opportunities with our stakeholders.

Patrick Nelissen
General Manager - Lidwina
Business development
+32 14 33 59 41