If you want to prepare your company, products, business strategy and processes for the circular economy, you can ask VITO for advice. We have the expertise, experience and analysis methods in-house to help you make scientifically proven and economically viable choices in that change process. 

What are the challenges for your business in the circular economy?

You want to produce goods in a more material-efficient manner.
You want to convince investors that your product is a sustainable investment, both economically and ecologically.
You want a clear overview of the current environmental impact and the hotspots in the life-cycle of your products..
You want to gain a better understanding of what circular business models are and how they can benefit your company.
You are looking for a tailor-made circular business model for your company.

Ask us for advice

Are you interested in bringing the circular economy into your business? Let us know what your challenges are. We’re happy to assist you in exploring possible solutions, partners, collaborations, and so on.

Get inspiration from companies that have made the switch to a circular economy

Colruyt Group logo

Colruyt Group aspires to be a reference point for sustainable entrepreneurship and consumption. The environmental impact of the buildings and sustainable material management are also part of this. To achieve its goal, the group is investing in innovative construction methods and materials, among other things. The Belgian retailer turned to VITO for tailor-made advice.

Foresightee logo

Food waste innovator Foresightee predicts what your supermarket will sell and thus plays an important role in reducing food losses. VITO helps them find out what the environmental and economic benefits of their software are.

Port Of Antwerp logo

Flanders is aiming to be an international leader in the field of circular economy. The Port of Antwerp wants to play an important role in this. In order to make the right strategic decisions for the future and to further develop the port in this direction, Port of Antwerp is relying upon VITO, among other partners.  

To help you develop your own circular business model we’ve built the Circulator, a ‘circular business model mixer’. Discover our cases and archetypes. Start mixing and matching!

Discover the opportunities that the circular economy can offer your company with our serious game ‘Risk & Race’. 

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