New consortium in Flanders ‘BlueSpace’ as a fertile breeding ground to innovate with space technology. Entrepreneurs who want to innovate with space technology find coaching and expertise at ‘BlueSpace’, the new consortium of imec, Verhaert and VITO.

Green space in cities and the countryside benefit not only the environment in which we live but also us – examples include recreation, water purification and wood production.The VITO methods and tools make it possible to better identify this win-win situation for humans and their environment and align policy decisions accordingly.

VITO is the driving force behind the Spatial Model Flanders. This model simulates every change in land use in Flanders at a spatial resolution of 1 ha, divided up into some 30 different categories. The model simulates changes up to 2050. This information is used by various entities within the Flemish government and by cities and provinces.

The average air quality in Flanders has drastically improved in recent years, thanks to thorough measures taken by the Flemish government. Using air quality measurements and model calculations, VITO offers policy-makers the right scientific tools.

The Flemish Energy Agency (VEA) has developed the solar map in collaboration with VITO and Information Flanders. We are aware of all of the locations of homes in Flanders thanks to the Large-scale Reference File [Grootschalig Referentiebestand]. From February 2013 to March 2015 inclusive, a number of flights were organised with laser detection equipment on board in order to measure the height of all buildings and other landscape elements. This information, linked with measurements taken by the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium [KMI], was used to model the annual solar irradiation for each roof."

Making Flanders and the Flemish ports a centre for material flows and recycling activities. That is the goal of Flanders Recycling Hub, an initiative of the Flemish Institute for Logistics (VIL), in collaboration with the Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM) and VITO. For the project, 27 Flemish companies joined forces to position Flanders as a global player in the processing of waste and material flows.