The number of starting VITO PhDs had dropped significantly during the Covid period. Partly because it was difficult to attract international candidates, on the one hand, and, on the other, to have them start in a well-framed way.

In 2022, a major effort was made to bring the number back up to par, resulting in 32 starting PhDs.

The big welcome on 26 January 2023 counted a total of almost 60 starters of which 15 PhD researchers started since October 2022. As the PhD researchers work very widely across VITO, it was the ideal opportunity to get to know each other and the VITO facilities in a fun way.

We asked all participants the question 'Which three words are the first that come to your mind why you've chosen to do your PhD at VITO?' You can see the result in the word cloud below. The most frequently chosen words were: sustainability, collaboration, innovation, opportunity and impact. Surprisingly in line with our VITO values.

Doing your PhD at VITO

Have you recently graduated as a master in (bio-)engineering, exact, industrial, economic, human or medical sciences? Would you like to further boost your career opportunities by obtaining a PhD? Then be sure to discover the opportunities VITO has to offer you! Each year, VITO launches a number of new PhD projects in close collaboration with excellent universities.

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