VITO's core task is to develop sustainable technologies and prepare them for implementation. We only need to follow current events to realise more than ever that sustainable technologies are the future. But there is a long way to go before a good, innovative idea can evolve into a profitable end product with an impact on sustainability. With the Clean Vision Invest (CVI) fund, VITO is aiming to give new spin-offs the financial support they need in their first few years (early stage) to grow quickly.

Technology transfer

Everything starts with a good idea, ideally one that can offer a solution to an existing problem. Climate change, the energy crisis, the dependence on raw materials that are unsustainable and difficult to mine are the ideal base for VITO to transform ideas into sustainable solutions. Developing them is VITO's core business. But what is the point of having an idea, and even a solution, if you can't market it?

This is why technology transfer is one of VITO's strategic objectives. Only this way can we create an impact on the economic fabric in Flanders, while generating a financial return on the investments at the same time. 

It is very important that the phases of research, development, implementation and profitable marketing follow one another quickly and seamlessly. After all, this is how to make innovation available to potential customers quickly and create room for new research. 

VITO spin-offs get funding via Clean Vision Invest

The number of VITO spin-offs has seen unprecedented growth in recent years. 4 spin-offs spread their wings in 2021, which brings the total to ten. MONA Health, Hyve, A-Membranes and Enperas have since become successful market players. And when they have fully settled into the market, VITO's mission has succeeded and concluded. Then it's time to say goodbye.  

This is what VITO has done recently with LCV, Laser Cladding Venture. And later this year, the sale of Normec Product Testing NV will follow, a spin-off that tests emissions from products and materials. The revenue of this sale will enable the fund to finance additional VITO innovations and to market them.

Clean Vision Invest remedies one of the toughest obstacles for very young spin-offs at a stroke: the quest for funding. Indeed, this fund supports new spin-offs in their early development, meaning they can very quickly join in the economic reality and grow.  

Clean Vision Invest is its own shareholding vehicle, a separate VITO entity with its own management that invests in VITO spin-offs. This proactive policy is how Clean Vision Invest encourages spin-offs in which VITO includes its innovations. Thus, CVI raises these spin-offs' financial capacity and ultimately prepares these innovation companies for growth capital from investors or takeovers.  

Clean Vision Invest supports VITO's valorisation policy and aims to grow into a successful enterprise. In five years' time, this fund will be evaluated to check whether it would be opportune to give external investors the chance to contribute to investments in sustainable technology too. 


09/11/2022: Successful exit spin-off Servaco Product Testing

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