What began in 2019 as a joint venture between VITO and industrial partner Servaco is now coming to an end. After three challenging but successful years, the company Normec decides to fully acquire the shares. Through its fund Clean Vision Invest, VITO realises another successful exit of one of its spin-offs.

VITO is an expert in product emission testing. That expertise led in 2019 to a joint venture with Servaco Product Testing, a joint venture between VITO and the Servaco Group. Servaco Product Testing specialises in analysing the impact of all possible products and materials on indoor air quality. After all, any material or product used indoors can emit harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Just think of harmful substances that can be released from household appliances, building and interior materials, furniture or even scented candles. 

Integration in established company

The integration of VITO expertise into an existing company is a textbook example of how VITO can strengthen a company's strength through technological innovation. After all, VITO is a knowledge centre that wants to share and disseminate its expertise. This is what has happened through the joint venture.

Servaco Product Testing, established in 2019, continued to grow. In 2021, Servaco Product Testing was renamed Normec Product Testing. This company provides a full service to (building) materials manufacturers and delivers global compliance reports for all relevant product emissions testing requirements.

The company has acquired a unique portfolio of global accreditations and recognitions allowing it to offer combined EU and US testing programmes. It is also the only UL Solutions recognised third-party test laboratory in Europe to carry out emissions testing with Greenguard certification.

Normec Product Testing is growing day by day and has acquired a unique position. It is an example of what VITO wants to achieve as a knowledge centre: acquiring knowledge, bringing innovative solutions to the market, implementing them through spin-offs and then withdrawing.