ecoCEO brings circular economy strategies and business models to the classroom and makes students familiar with raw material challenges, circular product design and sustainable entrepreneurship! Originally a card game, now an online game as well.

In a circular economy, products are made to last longer, are repairable and recyclable at the end of their lives. This reduces our consumption of raw materials and the amount of waste we produce. Circular economy requires changes in consumption behaviour, but also a different way of designing, producing and marketing products. Sustainable, circular entrepreneurship is the future! But what does that entail? And what circular strategies are there? EcoCEO provides answers.

Educational online game

EcoCEO is an educational online game about circular economy and entrepreneurship aimed at students of 15-18 years old. The game provides a playful insight into the different ways in which a company can handle raw materials and products more sustainably and more circular. The game stimulates discussions on resource scarcity, business strategies and business models.

During the game, players will learn:

  • the difference between linear and circular business models

  • the basic concepts and strategies of a circular economy, such as recycling, take-back, reuse, repairable design and product-service systems

  • the impact that resource scarcity and other external events can have on a business

  • managing resources, staff, investments and capital in a simplified business context.

ecoCEO can be used in the subject of economics, but also in science, geography or for project work. The game requires no specific prior knowledge or installation and is completely free.

On the website, you will also find a range of supporting teaching materials on circular economy and sustainable resource use, such as a card game, a text, a design exercise, worksheets, ...

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Here's what students had to say about ecoCEO:

"The game clearly showed which green ways of production can also make money."

"The game concept was fun, I think it is hugely important that we learn at our age and maybe even younger that it is important to recycle, reuse, repair.... Overall, I thought it was a super fun game and was happy to stay 5 minutes longer at school to finish it."

"I learned the different things you can do with an (old) mobile phone, and how investments help you grow a business."

The ecoCEO game is developed within the educational research project RM@schools and with financial support from EIT Raw Materials.

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