The seismic monitoring network at and around the geothermal power plant at the Balmatt site detected a vibration with a magnitude of ML of 2.1 around 10 o'clock this morning (08:59:04 UTC). This is the automatic determination which can still be adjusted. This vibration was felt in the immediate area.

Based on the magnitude and peak ground acceleration (PGA), the vibration falls in the red range of the geothermal power plant's traffic light system. This means that the plant will be shut down in a controlled manner. Further steps will be determined after additional seismological investigation of the occurred vibration(s) by an external party.

VITO calls on anyone who has felt the vibration to report it with the address details via Should the vibration have caused damage, this can also be reported via Please provide your name, address and contact details so that the person responsible within VITO can contact you.

+32 14 33 55 53