VITO takes sustainability very seriously and is active in the start-up community through its own spin-offs. Through VITO4STARTERS, VITO supports and encourages young companies that contribute to more sustainability with technical knowledge, a proof-of-concept and/or access to infrastructure.

All starters with a project or concept that is committed to sustainability and matches VITO technologies in areas such as sustainable materials, sustainable processes and sustainable energy can register for VITO4STARTERS.

Do you have an idea to make materials or processes more circular? Have you developed a process that reduces CO2 emissions or uses less water? Or have you come up with an intelligent or efficient energy system? Then VITO4STARTERS is the ideal platform for these ideas to grow.

The participation criteria for the start-ups are

  • Flemish company, focused on sustainability
  • Established by the start of the support period and maximum 5 years old
  • In need of technological support or access to infrastructure
  • SME according to the EU definition

And the selected one receives...

  • An individual coaching programme.
  • A work plan and timeline (worth EUR 20,000) including one of the following elements or a combination:
    • Technological advice
    • A proof-of-concept
    • Access to infrastructure (labs, pilot plants ...)
    • Access to the VITO network
    • Visibility and promotion on the VITO channels
    • The possibility to pitch for the Clean Vision Invest fund of VITO, including a preparation programme (the conditions will be clarified during the support period)

After the support stage, the selected candidate also gets the opportunity to enter a follow-up stage, such as a joint research project with VITO, Technology Transfer of existing VITO technology and/or an investment from the Clean Vision Invest Fund.

More info on the most recent edition: