FASTRACE is a software tool implemented by VITO to calculate spatially disaggregated emissions (on line segments) from road transport for a region of interest. The output of FASTRACE is designed for use as input to urban scale air pollution models.

FASTRACE starts from a detailed break-down of the vehicle fleet on the one hand (number of vehicles per vehicle type, annual mileage per vehicle type) and from geographically explicit vehicle counts per road segment on the other hand (number of passing vehicles per road segment and the associated speed). This data is often provided by a software tool that can simulate the flow of traffic (e.g. VISUM).   

The emissions within FASTRACE are estimated based on country or region specific emission factors extracted from COPERT, the software used worldwide to calculate emissions from road transport. As the vehicle speed determines the emission factor to a large extent, FASTRACE also takes this parameter into account and employs speed dependent emission factors. FASTRACE offers numerous flexibilities in calculating detailed geographically distributed emissions for road transport, both for small and large regions.


Quantification and visualization of road transport emissions along a road network at district, city or provincial level.
Spatially disaggregated road transport emissions for inventories within (inter)national reporting obligations (e.g. NEC).
Scenario analyses for road transportation both for air pollutant and green house gases, e.g. the effect of the introduction of low emission zones or a more environmentally friendly fleet.
Road emissions data for inclusion in a Smart City or IoT platform/application.
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