Medical implants have to comply with strict quality requirements. Various ceramic and metal structures are suitable for this. We provide advice about the choice of material and develop the necessary design processes.

Your challenges

You want to be able to develop specific tailor-made medical implants.
You are looking for new materials with which to develop implants.
You want to improve the manufacturing technique for your implants.

How we can help

Advice about suitable materials for medical implants.
Development of design processes for medical implants, both for standard parts in series production and for unique components that are tailor-made for the patient.

Why use ceramic and metal structures for medical implants?

The biggest advantage of ceramic and metal structures is that they manage to combine a wide variety of properties. This is crucial for many medical applications, especially for implants.

The metal or ceramic foams developed by VITO combine their material properties with those of the foam’s porous architecture. This yields a powerful combination of properties: strength, stability and rigidity, combined with a low weight.

Which techniques do we use?

There are many different manufacturing techniques for porous foams. We have optimised three of these production methods for ceramic and metal structures: the PU replica technique, gel moulding and three-dimensional fibre deposition.

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