We employ wash coating techniques to deposit active powders (slurry) onto structured supports. A well-known example is the production of catalysts for diesel exhausts by wash coating ceramic honeycombs. We employ the same method to apply catalysts onto structured supports for chemical conversions.

Your challenges

You are looking to develop new products or optimise existing ones.
You are looking for an adequate method to deposit active catalysts onto porous supports to a desired loading of active material on the support.

How we can help

We can help you assess the techno-economic feasibility of your project.
We offer advice on selecting the right starting materials and porous substrates.
We design and construct customised wash-coating installations at lab and pilot scale.
We develop wash coating processes using tailor-made protocols.
We help you develop procedures for process follow-up and quality control.
We offer services to wash coat newly developed products in small batches for evaluation by your clients.
We can help you scale up within your own production environment or at a selected job coater providing you with the required technology transfer.