Reforming the economic system from a linear to a circular model is a huge challenge for consumers, authorities and the business community. Through research and advice we help companies and authorities to make this transition. Things we provide here include the foundations for innovative business models that allow companies to create new economic value. You can count on the combination of our technical knowledge of (raw) materials and legislation, and our economic and environmental expertise. Discover how we can help you.

If you want to prepare your company, products, business strategy and processes for the circular economy, you can ask VITO for advice. We have the expertise, experience and analysis methods in-house to help you make scientifically proven and economically viable choices in that change process. 

Governments and cities play an important role in the transition towards a circular economy. They help to create the right conditions and support a series of initiatives that encourage companies to make the transition to a circular business model. We help governments by providing scientifically proven analyses and modelling. Our approach focusses on life-cycle thinking and the entire value chain of a product or service.

Would you like to know more about the circular economy?

What is a circular economy? How do we tackle the transition to a circular economy? And how can governments and companies do their bit and reap the benefits themselves? We list all the questions and answers on our circular economy overview page.

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