Reforming the economic system from a linear to a circular model is a huge challenge for consumers, authorities and the business community. Through research and advice we help companies and authorities to make this transition. Things we provide here include the foundations for innovative business models that allow companies to create new economic value. You can count on the combination of our technical knowledge of (raw) materials and legislation, and our economic and environmental expertise. Discover how we can help you.

Would you like to use your products, company strategy and processes to make sustainable development, cleantech, the circular economy, etc. a reality? Get in touch with us. We have the expertise, experience and analytical methods available to carry out scientifically sound sustainability evaluations, providing you with insight into how you can take smart steps towards sustainable value creation. You can also contact us for advice on the circular economy. In a circular economy, companies create value in a way that is more sustainable than in a linear economy. This requires an innovative approach to business models. We help you gain greater insight into the mechanisms of a circular economy, inspire you with successful examples and assist you in devising a circular business model for your products and services.

In a circular economy, your role as an authority shifts from being a regulator to being a facilitator. Instead of simply regulating waste streams, you try to encourage companies and consumers to handle materials in a more efficient manner. In order to make the right choices here, it is important to have a good insight into the current macroeconomic situation and to compare policy options in a scientific manner, in both ecological and economical terms. You can count on our assistance in this regard. We will offer you a deeper insight based on scientific analyses of the data available. We use our models to assess the impact that different policy options will have and help you make the right choices with an optimum ecological and economic balance.

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