Closing material cycles and avoiding wastage are crucial to the sustainable use of raw materials. Our innovations improve the possibilities for raw material recycling. This includes low-value residual streams and waste streams. Remaining matrix materials are given a new lease of life in or as new products. In this way, VITO wishes to close material cycles.

You can also recover valuable elements from low-value residual streams and waste streams. We have specialised knowledge about physical separation techniques and advanced leaching methods that you can use for this. We investigate how we can recover critical and valuable metals from low-value metal-containing residual streams. This allows us to contribute to the transition to a circular economy.

To make sustainable use of our raw materials, we need to avoid waste generation and close material cycles. Our technologies are creating new possibilities that allow raw materials to be recycled from low-value residues and waste streams. This enables these waste materials to have a second life as new products.