The energy and raw material needs of the current chemical industry is mostly relying on the use of fossil-based resources. The bio based economy in contrary makes use of atmospheric carbon as raw material, like biomass and CO2, and renewable energy. 

VITO explores the potential of lignin/wood, algae and insects for alternative production of drop-in chemicals, through a partial conversion with maximal preservation of existing functionalities as foreseen by nature. In combination with efficient fractionation, this could be an alternative for the classic multistep cracking and production processes in the petrochemical industry. VITO focuses on separation solutions for innovative conversion concepts and enables the introduction of these value chains in the chemical industry landscape. VITO also opens doors to new application areas by developing new high-value molecules.

The process industry is an important contributor of global emission of greenhouse gasses and has a significant impact on climate change. In this context Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) can offer solutions, by using CO2 as raw material for the production of fuels, polymers, chemicals and building materials. Today, VITO develops efficient CCU technologies, always with economically relevant value chains as a starting point, based on market trend insights and legal frameworks for end products.