What does this mean for us as an organisation?

VITO’s research is based solidly on sustainability. However, VITO also wishes to play an exemplary role by continuing to make its organisation more sustainable. We are doing this in the OnePlanet@VITO project. 

Our ambitions cover two levels: on the one hand, VITO contributes to the realisation of the SDGs with its applied research. On the other hand, as an organisation we wish to play an exemplary role and become a leader in the area of sustainable organisations. These ambitions come together in OnePlanet@VITO.

How are our employees involved in this project?

Sustainability is one of our core values. VITO employees are therefore the driving force behind OnePlanet@VITO. The project builds on their ideas and solutions. That’s why, at VITO, we have a great intrinsic motivation to make Flanders and the world more sustainable, as well as our workplace.

Some specific goals that we set within the OnePlanet@VITO project

We want to make our mobility climate-neutral.
We want to become a paperless research organisation.
We want all new VITO buildings to be climate-positive.