EU H2020 funding

Algae4IBD is an EU-funded research initiative. Over four years, we will study under- and unexplored algae and look for compounds with pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, prebiotic, or antibiotic effects.

In our oceans, rivers and lakes lies a nearly untapped potential to improve our health.

Cyanobacteria, micro- and macroalgae produce an infinite number of molecules, many of which have properties beneficial to health. They can relieve pain, alleviate inflammation, or boost our microbiome. However, most algae remain unstudied, with their health potential unexploited.

Our goal

To develop functional food and medication against pain, inflammation and IBD.

Pain, inflammation, and an imbalanced gut-microbiome are all characteristics of IBD. The combined power of algae can help improve the well-being of IBD patients.

IBD is a complex disease whose incidence is steadily increasing. Patients require tailored therapies which are often expensive. Yet, not everyone responds to the available treatments, leaving some with only one option: surgical removal of parts of their bowel. Therefore, a great need for new medication exists.

Our focus is on providing orally available and cost-effective solutions for IBD patients – kids and adults – using algal compounds.