Transfo Zwevegem' is a former power station in Zwevegem dating from 1912. The municipality of Zwevegem and the intermunicipal organisation Leiedal jointly bought it to give it a new socio-cultural purpose in 2004. It is a multifunctional heritage site of 10 hectares.

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The 'RE/SOURCED' project was launched at Transfo in July 2020. RE/SOURCED wants to develop a circular and self-sufficient energy system onsite, focusing on 3 themes:

  • renewable energy
  • circular economy
  • heritage conversion

RE/SOURCED and renewable energy

RE/SOURCED wants to feed Transfo entirely with locally produced renewable energy. The backbone of the system is a local DC power grid that provides both energy and material savings (more capacity with the same amount of metals / materials). The DC grid connects a number of scattered renewable sources (solar panels and a medium-sized wind turbine) with energy storage (batteries, hydropower accumulation and vehicle-to-grid).

RE/SOURCED and the circular economy

The growth of renewable energy systems, storage systems and smart grids leads to an increased demand for raw materials such as steel, copper, cobalt, aluminium and lithium. Such rare materials play an important role in solar panels and batteries. That’s why RE/SOURCED introduces aspects of circular economy into the design and management of the renewable energy system, focusing on shared use, retrofitting and more efficient use of materials.

RE/SOURCED and heritage conversion

RE/SOURCED is located at Transfo, a site that has been a listed monument for 20 years. It is exceptional in terms of its scale, the state of its industrial heritage and the opportunities it offers. Three partners, Zwevegem, the Province of West Flanders and Leiedal, are collaborating to give Transfo the redevelopment it deserves: the conversion of industrial heritage with a regional, national and even international appeal. Transfo has now developed into a multifunctional site including (social) housing, offices, a micro-brewery, leisure and sports facilities and event spaces. This mix of energy profiles and its historical connection with electricity production make Transfo the perfect setting for RE/SOURCED.

RE/SOURCED stands for Renewable Energy SOlutions for URban communities based on Circular Economy policies and DC backbones.

With financial support from Europe

RE/SOURCED has an operating budget of EUR 5 million, of which Europe is funding EUR 4 million. With 222 European applications, it was selected in the Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) programme. UIA only finances ambitious, innovative and unconventional ideas that can be tested in real urban environments.

A multifaceted partnership

Intermunicipal organisation Leiedal is in charge of the project and has extensive experience in renewable energy and heritage conversion projects. It is assisted by 6 partners:

  • The municipality of Zwevegem: the main owner of the site. The municipality will support the project’s implementation and assist the partners in the practical organisation on the site.
  • The Province of West Flanders will focus on educating citizens, schools and local authorities. The Province is also a structural partner in the redevelopment of Transfo.
  • UGent is specialised in the design and development of optimally integrated networks with minimal losses.
  • VITO is the most important Flemish knowledge partner in the field of circular economy. VITO’s role in RE/SOURCED lies in the application of circular strategies to the renewable energy industry. An industry that’s known to be very material intensive.
  • Flux50 has the knowledge and the network to provide its partners with suitable technology. It will evaluate proposals for system configuration and monitor the legal aspects, including data management.
  • is the expert partner for the cooperation part. will support the creation of a legal entity that fits the definition of the energy communities as intended by Europe.