Listen to the first part of the podcast 'in de Tijd Vooruit' in which De Tijd interviews Gerrit Jan Schaeffer, CEO of EnergyVille, about his vision on the energy transition. Gerrit Jan Schaeffer is one of the founders of EnergyVille, a collaboration between VITO, UHasselt, imec and the KU Leuven in Genk. EnergyVille focuses entirely on sustainable energy and intelligent energy systems.

In this podcast, Gerrit Jan Schaeffer provides answers to the following questions:

  • We always talk about energy transition. But what is that? 

  • What is currently the source of our energy? 

  • What are the challenges of this energy transition?

  • What will be the consequences for today's businesses if this transition takes place?

  • How can you generate enough energy for the industry?

  • What will the network look like that brings that energy to the end user?

  • Will energy be cheaper in the future?

  • A lot is happening in the energy sector. What will the energy we need look like in 10 or 20 years?

  • What urgently needs to change in order to switch to much more sustainable energy as soon as possible?

  • And what about the much-discussed hydrogen? Is that the future?

  • What about our mobility? All cars on electricity?

  • The government is also pushing hard for sustainable renovation of homes. Is that part of the solution?