If we take a collaborative approach, create economies of scale and broaden our expertise, we can all make better use of existing sustainable resources and develop new technologies. Those technologies must be feasible and profitable. Would you like to find out how we can work with you to help you achieve your goals?

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If you are busy developing an innovative product or realising a sustainability project, you can contact VITO for scientific knowledge and expertise. This may involve matters from optimising production processes, through analysing sustainable alternatives to existing solutions, mapping out and modelling an issue to advice on achieving your company’s sustainability strategy. Here you can read more about the projects we carried out with our industrial partners.

Are you looking for a partner to market a business idea?  We offer our expertise in all the development phases of your company or product. This ranges from working out prototypes to looking for the right partners and finding the optimal financial resources to maximise your opportunities on the market. Our goal is simple: we turn your idea into a successful new start-up. We inject knowledge and intellectual property into the economy.

VITO government

As a policymaker, you make well-considered decisions. VITO therefore wants to be a partner to government services.  This involves long-term technological and scientific support on a municipal, provincial, Flemish, federal and European level. This approach allows authorities to prepare and implement scientifically sound, innovative breakthrough projects. Take a look at the projects that we have already realised for the various authorities.

VITO is a not-for-profit organisation. This means that all profits are fully reinvested in the organisation. Our goal is twofold: develop new technologies and reduce the risks of innovation for your company as much as possible. Thanks to our unique position as a trusted partner to government, knowledge institutions and commercial parties we're able to offer you expert advice on the feasibility of your plans for innovation, the concrete implementation of technological innovations and the result to expect. Always keeping in mind current as well as future legislation.

Bruno Reyntjens
Bruno Reyntjens
Commercial Director VITO