VITO injects knowlegde, intellectual property and sustainability into the economy. By doing this VITO strengthens the Flemish economy, which is at the heart of VITO's mission. Technology is brought to market through a technology sale, a license, a spin-off or a joint-venture. Every technology transfer is different and the process is adapted case by case. 



VITO has an extensive range of innovations and patents. We transfer knowledge about the technology to your company and grant a licence to use the technology and the patents. Exclusive and non-exclusive licences are possible.

Cozie and EnergyVille/VITO introduce Homefit

Smart thermal network thanks to Flemish and Swedish know-how

Complex soil remediation with Flemish technology

DroneGrid acquires VITO image processing technology

At 28 °C, the water temperature in heerlen is relatively low; in Växjö, the water is warmer, because there we make use of cogeneration running on wood chips and wood pellets. The collaboration between VITO and NODA is part of STORM, a horizon 2020 project to make thermal networks more intelligent. Our technology should be ready for the market by the end of 2018.

Markus Bergkvist


New companies are established to introduce VITO technology into the market. This is done by VITO employees or external entrepreneurs. Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have specific knowledge of a certain market and could you help VITO bring one of it’s technologies to market? Please reach out! Here below you can find some more information about our latest spin-offs. 

MONA.HEALTH closes €1.5 million funding round on path to commercialization of diabetic retinopathy screening through ai


Laser Cladding Venture

VITO spin-off develops the first drone management platform for the international drone industry


APEMCO launches VITO plasma technology onto the market

Blue Foot Membranes NV launched with € 2.5 Million start-up capital for faster and more efficient waste water treatment

iFLUX provides key to more efficient soil remediation

DroneGrid acquires VITO image processing technology

For the creation of a spin-off, it is first and foremost a matter of identifying valorization opportunities within VITO. ‘We have specific programs for that,’ says Bart Swaelens, head of tech transfer and venture development at VITO. ‘Take, for example, ‘accelerate your business idea’, or AYOUBI, an initiative that encourages our employees to share interesting business ideas. Once such an opportunity has been identified, it should mature into something commercially viable. 'We then build a team around it.' The success of a spin-off stands or falls with the quality of that team. ‘It is important here to strike a good balance between VITO expertise and external entrepreneurship. 

Bart Swaelens
Tech Transfer and Venture Development