Project introduction

In 2020 the World Bank’s PMR fund contracted the consortium led by VITO to update the NDC of Colombia. The consortium, including local parties such as UniAndes and the Stockholm environmental Institute carried out the activities of updating & consolidating sector GHD emissions scenarios and assessment of associated abatement costs.

An extension project was awarded in June 2021 to VITO & consortium to conduct a gap analysis on GHG emission reduction and a marginal abatement cost curve analysis.


Supporting the review, update and consolidation of

  • GHG emissions reference scenarios (baseline scenarios), by sectors and aggregated
  • GHG mitigation scenarios (decarbonization scenarios), by sectors and aggregated
  • Marginal abatement cost curves: mitigation options, potential and its associated costs


VITO share: 45%


  • Universidad de los Andes
  • (main local counterparty)
  • ESMIA & SEI (modelling support)
  • Wageningen Universiteit & CIAT (Agriculture/LULUCF sector)